T-Mobile Galaxy S4 Deals

S4 profile and back

Confirming the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available on T-Mobile’s network via Twitter, pre-orders for pay monthly contracts are now being taken, with a free accessory pack worth £54.99 thrown in. It is expected that the Galaxy S4 will be released on the T-Mobile network as at 26th April, with availability in both black and white.

In addition to T-Mobile direct, the Galaxy S4 will also be available from the independent mobile phone retailers on the T-Mobile network – you can compare all of the deals below.

A Look At The S4

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 comes with some very cool and unique features. Take Smart Scroll. Smart scroll enables hands free scrolling up and down a page. It uses the front mounted camera to record the small movements of your eye. It knows when you are about to reach the bottom (or top) of a page and scrolls accordingly. Smart pause is another feature that enables hands free control of your phone. Similar to smart scroll, Smart Pause uses the front mounted camera to record your eye position, automatically pausing your video the moment your eyes move away from the screen. If you would like to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S4 you can find out more here.

The Deals


T-Mobile Deals Analysis

Going direct with T-Mobile and taking a look at the current batch of T-Mobile Galaxy S4 deals we can see the best one will set you back £36 a month over 2 years. This contract includes a generous 2,000 minutes, unlimited texts and data per month. There is an upfront cost of £99.99 on this offer.

You might not require such a generous monthly allowance, however. So, casting our eyes over the latest batch of deals from the independents, this one really caught our attention: for a bargain £31 a month you’ll get 600 minutes of calls, unlimited texts and 1 GB of data. And unlike the direct deal from T-Mobile, there is no up-front charge for the handset. This one comes courtesy of buymobilephones.net.